Quoin, a design firm. We create brand and web from Portland, Oregon

We start with brand.

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Quoin, a small design firm based in Portland, Oregon, was established in 2001, and we still work with our first client. (We Love You, Françoise!)

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What Does Quoin Do?

Quoin is a design firm that creates brand identities. The foundation of a brand identity is the logo and the brand guidelines. Once the logo is set, we apply the new brand to web, print design, sales materials, social media campaigns, and much more.

We can design a completely new brand or update an existing one. We can even take your current brand and run with it to create new experiences for your clients.

Any way we do it, our designs build trust with your clients.

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What is a Quoin?

/k(w)oin/ n. A cornerstone of a foundation, that stands out in form, texture and color.