Brochure Examples

Here, we are showing brochure examples, examples of our work over time. Your brochure is also an example of your brand, mission and promise. It's a tangible invitation to your customer or client to experience your product or service. We think of a brochure as a gift, an invitation that is hold in the hand. The feel of the paper, the surprise of a die cut, turning

What Are Dynamic Wireframes and Why Are They Critical To Modern Web Design?

Dynamic wire frames are simple, working web pages where we can work out essential content and mobile-responsive design decisions. Once upon a time, we would meet with the client and organize their site map. Then we created wire frames – Simple line drawings that showed where each piece of content went. The last thing we want is to find out that an important call to action or form has been missed

Look Closely: Inside Web Font Licensing

You don't buy fonts, you license the right to use them. Different designers and companies license fonts in vastly different ways and you have to read the license to really know what's up. Font is central to brand identity. Many large or long-standing companies depend upon fonts that have been in use for decades. Examples include Helvetica Neue, Frutiger or Akzidenz Grotesk. Until fairly recently, if a company

A Long-Overdue Web Site

Like the cobbler's children, Quoin's online presence has been while we helped others. We're here to make amends. We are incredibly excited about some of the new work we can now show off. We've been busy these last four years. Many new brands under our belt and many more web sites designed. As our clients have grown in size, so has our client list, so

NW Natural Parade of Homes

Quoin designed the event web site and then added these web ads to the media presence.

National Model Train Show

Quoin designed transit ads, print ads and web ads for the 2015 National Model Train Show. We focused on being bold and simple with a nod to the nostalgia of trains. The result? The best attendance in years.

Best File Types for Web Design

Web design projects need a lot of file input from clients. Long gone are the days when we received a logo or photo file from a client and uploaded it straight into the web site. In fact, in 20-plus years of web design, I've never done this, they've always required some amount of resizing.. Today, we need large, robust files for our workflow. Here is

Stars in Stock Photos

There are a lot of terrible stock photos out there, and now there are some with big stars in them. Fox has created a promotion with Getty images for its new movie, Unfinished Business, starring Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco. They've Photoshopped the stars' heads into hilariously awful stock photos for Getty's low-end arm, iStock. The questionable copy/paste job really just makes it that much

Do I have to put everything in the top of my web site?

It should be canon in web design by now, but let's say it again: You don't have to put everything above the fold (in the first screen) of your web site. Everyone scrolls. Here is some excellent usability research on the topic by Huge. The takeaway is that even with no prompting at all, 92% of web site users scrolled and reached the bottom of

How to Create a Harmonized Color Palette – Part 1

Much of what I’m going to cover here I got from “Basic Principles of Design” by Manfred Maier. It’s a part of the Foundation Program at the School of Design Basel, Switzerland series. I’m lucky enough to have access to my wife’s copy which originally belonged to her father, Robin Rickabaugh. This is a one-of-a-kind set of books covering the development of basic skills as

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