Wilsonville Town Center Offices

Wilsonville Town Center Offices needed a logo that would represent the building as they began the process of attracting long term lessors. We created a stylized line drawing that captured the principal architectural lines of the building. The colors were chosen to work with existing colors in the building's interior design.

Top 5 Changes to Google Search Engine Page Design

The Google search results page was just drastically improved. A clear hierarchy of user interface elements was carefully considered and executed, meaning it’s now just a little easier to make sense of the glut of information this search engine gives us every day. In the past, Google has suffered from design-by-committee syndrome. One example where that has not been true has been their amazing maps. The new look was created by Andy Hertzfeld. One of the seminal Apple UI designers, he worked there from 1979 to 1984. Nothing in this redesign added server load. The user interface was improved through cosmetic changes that give better legibility and useability.

Fast Vector Tracing

As designers and project managers, we here at Quoin are regularly tasked with chasing down assets to include in printed work. When we need a logo, we often hear, 'Can't you just pull it off the web site'? Unfortunately, a web site graphic is a fraction of the resolution needed for print. But now, there's a new option: http://vectormagic.com It's not perfect, but it's pretty

Molly’s Fund Serving Up Style Showcase Guide

Molly's Fund Fighting Lupus needed to drive participation in their annual interior design benefit at the Portland Fall Home and Garden Show. Audiences included interior designers, vendors and others who will contribute to the show. We utilized the Molly's Fund butterfly motif in a way that communicated the level of design participants can expect. To hold down production costs, we modified the typical 11 x

Fifth Season Landscape Design

Fifth Season Landscape Design is spearheaded by Chauncey Freeman. A recent graduate of the University of Oregon, he has been making ripples in Oregon's landscape since he was 12. We created a custom web site design that is simple, easy to navigate and gives a spectacular showcase for his work. It's also easy to maintain: Text pages are managed through the WordPress dashboard. Photos are

3 Things to Know About How You’ll Manage Your Web Site (Before you build it)

You're thinking about putting up a new web site. Fantastic. We think it's a great idea (we build them, after all). Before you build, decide what will happen once it's up. Static, informational 'brochure' sites are a thing of the past. Today, competitive web sites are dynamic marketing engines that are a keystone of your business's identity. To adjust quickly to market conditions, you need

When Should I Use WordPress for a Business Site (And When Shouldn’t I)?

Disclaimer: I read an article with (almost) this title today, and it was so close to the mark in some places, I wanted to add my own input to the global discussion. When Should I Use WordPress for a Business Site? WordPress is perfect for most types of small- and medium-sized business sites. It has advanced in every quadrant to become a top-flight CMS. It is free and open-source, and it’s fully search-engine-optimizable (SEOable), as long as a decent theme is used or built.

Peterkort Roses Truck Graphics

Peterkort Roses wanted to showcase arrangements made with their roses on their delivery truck. They teamed up with Portrait of Portland and Portland Bride and Groom to use cover images from their magazines. Quoin designed the graphics and managed color quality and installation with the sign company.

ywca clark county Web Site

ywca clark county had outgrown their old web site and needed a complete redesign. The new site stays on brand while giving this nonprofit tools to manage all of their content, including classes and events, volunteers and donations, and downloads such as newsletters and PDF forms. It dynamically adds to the brand by drawing on the new look Quoin began with their print materials, yet

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