Branding and logo design by Quoin Design gets to the soul of your company and market.


A logo needs to be based on more than color preferences and words like “elegant” and “unique”. It has to accurately reflect your brand promise to your clients.

Brand Audit

That’s why we walk through an initial brand audit to ensure we understand how to guide your market position. This process of careful questioning and listening is an essential step in making sure we get your design right.

Benefits of strong brand design

The benefits of branding are often very surprising and include:

  • Lower bounce rates and higher conversions on web sites
  • Higher sales prices for sold businesses and sub-brands
  • Increased respect from prospects
  • Better overall marketing results
  • Increased employee morale
  • Higher employee retention rates

Logo Design

A logo is visual emotion – to get it right you need a little bit of corporate therapy and a whole lot of artistry.

Our logo design services include

  • Original logo design
  • Logo redesign and revamp
  • Font, color, usage and style guidelines
  • Design process consultation

The Deliverables

  • Files for web, print, signage, Microsoft Office and other applications
  • Basic or complete brand guidelines help you keep your communications on brand
  • Collateral packages (can include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, electronic templates and more)

Design Process Consultation

Those who have been in business for a while usually have a logo design horror story. Months upon months of fruitless meetings, redesigns, tweaks. Miles of email threads full of conflicting input from stakeholders both inside and outside the company. We don’t believe that’s healthy for anyone, and it doesn’t produce good design.

How do you have a healthy logo design process?

Quoin starts by defining the primary design team, and identifying stakeholders and decision makers who need to be involved, whether centrally or peripherally. By setting this down before design starts, we create a roadmap that you can use to lead from the front and ensure that everyone has the direction they need.

Our Process

Logo design can have a simple three-step process, or it can involve workshopping, audit and communications phases. We create every process to fit your needs and ensure the best results.

Your logo design process will include:

  • Definition of internal design team and process
  • Audit of existing brand touchstones, market preconceptions and competitive analysis.
  • Written creative brief
  • Initial design presentation including use examples
  • A minimum of two rounds of revision
  • File and brand guidelines delivery

After Logo Design is Done

We can get to work on a wide variety of materials such as

  • Exhibit design
  • Signage
  • Package design
  • Website design

Work Examples