Project Description

DaTerra Cucina needed a brand and package design that stood out on Amazon.

Brand and sub-brand designs for DaTerra.

DaTerra is an Amazon-based Italian import company focused on innovative tools for cooking.

When Nathan and Kathrin Spaccarelli were starting their second import business (see Sapori Fine Flavors for their first one!), they knew they needed to stand out from their competition.

Logo Design

Design began with the logo where we focused on creating a brand that could scale with this scrappy import business. We know Nathan and Kathrin very well, so we know their world-wide adventures will soon turn up another product they’re excited about. So we designed a warm, friendly, strong typographic that could expand with them, using fonts that wouldn’t look out of place on an Italian poster.

Package designs for DaTerra Cucina

Package Design

Next, we worked with DaTerra and their factory to create a package design that would make their pans fly out of their Amazon store. We created product illustrations that demonstrate pan innovations, retouched and manipulated product photos, performed copy editing and built final printing artwork. We began with one eleven-inch pan and built additional boxes as the line took off and products were added.

We chose a red-orange color way for the Cucina sub-brand and created a dynamic, flexible visual environment that adapts to various box sizes. It is exciting without being fussy. It catches your eye, while fitting in with other similar products.

A Bit More Makes a Big Difference

A great package design makes a big difference in a retail space like Amazon, where many vendors don’t invest in a professional package design. When a similar product comes along, the one with the best design wins sales and hearts more consistently.